Wool in the summer

Cool, dry feet with our slippers

Think of the Tuareg people, the men living in the Sahara desert. They call them the Blue People because they wear blue wool clothes and, at a certain point, their skin also goes slightly blue. It is cold at night in the desert, but during the day the sun is scorching. And they keep their wool clothes on. This is because wool has excellent thermal insulation properties.

Our cousin Giacomo has understood this. He studies at university and, since he was little, he has been wearing our slippers one after the other, replacing them only when they are worn-out. He also wears them in the summer. It's not that they have a cooling effect, he explains, but they keep the temperature pleasant. Better than plastic flip-flops that become boiling hot, he adds. He has a new, orange pair in the cellar, which he will wear for the first time as soon as the summer arrives and, in the meantime, he is wearing out the blue ones, after using them constantly for a long time, since "they are still good and only the sole is coming off slightly."

"And they do not smell either." This detail is rather meaningful, especially in the summer! This is one of the many incredible features of this natural material. "In the first months, they give out a vanilla scent, and I really like this fragrance on them. "But even later, they always smell nice."

Giacomo is our ideal testimonial: "I love wearing them because they are soft and the sole adapts well to the foot. In fact, I try not to lend them to anyone, I want them shaped only with my footprint."

You should try them too! Summer is almost here, but do not put your slippers away in a box. Surprise your feet. You can also try our new soles made of wool, which can be put in your summer shoes, even sports shoes. Wool absorbs moisture, up to 30% of its own weight. And your feet always feel dry!

Written by: Luigi

Wool in the summer


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