Well-being begins...at our feet

Although we tend to neglect them, our feet are vital for our physical and mental well-being.

Covered by shoes for most of the year, our feet are one of the body parts we tend to neglect the most. Quite often, we only “remember” them in summer when we’re forced to uncover them, or when they're sore and fatigued after a long walk. And yet healthy feet not only enable us to walk, run and jump, they help us stay well too.

According to foot reflexology, each part of the foot corresponds to a certain organ, joint or nervous structure, and by massaging certain areas, we can alleviate some ailments or disorders. Although no medical and scientific studies have so far proven the effectiveness of this discipline, even conventional medicine recognises the fundamental importance of feet for well-being and general bodily health.

Inadequate foot support has repercussions for the entire body, leading to alterations that can cause pain in various areas (head, spine, knees, ankles etc.). Moreover, did you know that feet play a key role in ensuring good blood circulation? The pressure exerted by the sole of the foot on the floor acts as a “second heart”, promoting decent lymphatic and venous return.

Feet also have strong symbolic value: they’re our point of contact with the Earth—the Latin word for sole, “planta”, also means “plant”—and represent the journey that each of us has been on since birth. It’s no coincidence that in ancient Hindu tradition, bowing down to touch the feet of others is a way of showing respect and reverence to elders or spiritual teachers. This greeting demonstrates an acknowledgement of a particular person's experience and a willingness to accept some of their wisdom by touching the “dust” that their feet have accrued during their journey.

Then there’s the mental aspect: have you ever tried to concentrate on an activity or enjoy some relaxation if your feet hurt or are too cold, for example? If our mood depends—at least in part—on how our feet feel, then it’s essential to wear highly comfortable and breathable footwear. This is why your well-being is the very first thing we think about when designing our slippers.

Written by: Roberto

Well-being begins...at our feet


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