Boiled wool and wool felt slippers

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Löwenweiss has been making boiled wool and wool felt slippers for many years, using the best materials. The wool fabric we offer is created using high-quality wool and consists of three layers:

Fulled wool: fulling is an operation that is part of the finishing process of wool fabrics, which consists in compacting the fabric through felting, making it solid and, in some cases, water-resistant.

Boiled wool is a very ancient fabric, one of the first used by mankind, and was traditionally used by many peoples located even far apart, such as Tyroleans, with their typical "Loden" clothing for harsh winters, or Bedouins, who need to protect themselves against high temperatures during the day and in the cold nights in the desert.

Our wool slippers have the following characteristics:

    • hygroscopic: in case of sweating, they absorb water vapour and release it outside;
    • heat-regulating: they maintain a constant, ideal temperature for your feet;
    • breathable: they help to change the air inside the shoe;

for these reasons, they are suitable to be worn even for relaxing: our soft and cosy boiled wool slippers allow your feet to move about freely, keeping them warm and dry.

Try them yourself!

Written by: Roberto

Boiled wool and wool felt slippers


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