Aware of heading in the right direction

Robert Jhonson's business strategies

If we intend to innovate and renovate, we need to study and be informed. And this is what we are doing. We have plenty of work but we also need to find time to stick our noses out of our open space and keep up-to-date on current trends. In fact, we are making it our winning strategy. This is why we could not miss the event held in mid-April in Asolo, organised by Confartigianato, "Distinguish or extinguish. For businesses there is no more middle ground: the choice is between excellence and death. But in order to become number one, we need to bring about large-scale changes and transformations." By reading such a title, we thought that this evening would be just right for us.

What finally convinced us was the name of the speaker. Robert Jhonson is advisor for Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan and Bill Gates, as well as Microsoft, Virgin, Google, Ikea and Toyota. He is charismatic and his vision of the business world and of progress perfectly matches ours.

I was moved right from the first video images projected at the beginning of the conference. According to Jhonson, winning business strategies focus on placing natural products on the market, with minimum waste and as recyclable as possible. That's us! That's us! I thought. And that is something. Finding people that you admire and discovering that you share the same ideas. That, together, we are laying the foundations to build a world as we would like it to be. I even remembered the time when we considered producing less sturdy slippers.

This is how the market works, an object lasts a short time, breaks and then you have to re-purchase it. But we were not able to do this, it is not what we are about. Our customers receive a product that lasts two or three seasons. With an advantage for them and the environment, and great satisfaction for us, since we know we are heading in the right direction.

Written by: Roberto

Aware of heading in the right direction


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