Traditional Tyrolean slippers

A brief story

The history of Tyrolean slippers is quite ancient: in the past, it was common among families in the Trentino-Alto Adige region to make their own slippers using homemade materials, so that they could keep their feet warm in the winter.

The wool sheared by farmers was used to make the upper of the slippers, whereas the soles were made of old cloths that could no longer be used, sewn together several times until a thick layer was obtained, which was then applied to the wool upper.

At the beginning of the last millennium, in Tyrol, it was common for men to wear wool or felt slippers, even on festive occasions. For the people of Trentino-Alto Adige, Tyrolean slippers guaranteed warm feet in all the cold rooms of their home, namely, all rooms except for the living room, the so-called “Stube”, which was the only heated room.

Today, Tyrolean Löwenweiss slippers are a timeless type of footwear that is resistant to wear but also features a splash of colour. With their characteristic softness and comfort, and thanks to traditional manufacturing carried out by patient and experienced craftsmen, these slippers are suitable for all occasions.

Here is a selection of the Tyrolean models available in the catalogue: all you have to do is pick a model, colour, size and... simply relax.

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