Comfortable yet stylish slippers for the whole family

When it comes to comfortable slippers, many people tend to associate these with nursing mules, orthopaedic slippers or ugly footwear. However, we at Löwenweiss believe that a good slipper must combine functionality with design for stylish comfort, even when relaxing. That is why we pay the utmost attention to detail, exclusively use natural materials and only entrust master craftsmen - who assemble each and every piece by hand - to produce all of our models.

A beautiful yet practical gift for the whole family

The biggest sceptics will think: “Only my nan could get away with wearing a boiled wool slipper.” However, that’s simply not true, our footwear is suitable for all tastes and ages! There’s Momy - the booties for newborns - Muvy - the model for infants - and the full and mule slipper models for men and women; we haven’t left anyone out!

Those who prefer the more classic models will love the Chalet and Belt winter slippers, the traditional wool felt mules with a cork wedge and adjustable strap, or the elegant and aptly-named Ballet ballerina slippers. For those who tend to go for more modern styles, there is a wide selection, such as the minimalist Holi and vividly-coloured Easy bicolore models.

Even our men’s winter slippers will knock your socks off with their perfect mix of aesthetics and comfort. Hygge bicolor - the two-tone mule slipper - or Easy - which boasts a simple, clean design - are just two of the models that are guaranteed to win over your men’s feet.

Looking for original gift ideas for Christmas or other special occasions? Buy matching slippers for the whole family with our wide range of colours and models.

Slipper or socks? Dilemma resolved!

Our winter slippers are so soft and cosy that they can be worn without socks. The breathable wool fabric and vanilla-scented soles will help prevent unpleasant odours and keep your feet perfectly dry. Furthermore, we have designed two items for those who do not want to compromise on comfort when leaving the house: the Cocoon merino wool socks and the Skin wool and cotton-blend shoe inserts. These are two unisex accessories that make perfect gifts on their own or can be gifted together with our comfortable slippers.

Check out all our models in our online shop or send us an email to discover your nearest retailers!

Written by: Roberto

Comfortable yet stylish slippers for the whole family


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