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The secret of how to wash your wool slippers in the washing machine

Here is a useful secret for anyone who wears Loewenweiss slippers every day, for anyone who wants to buy another pair of slippers and for anyone who wants to wash other wool garments in the washing machine. The eternal dilemma: can I wash woollen pieces in the washing machine? How do I go about it to stop them become matted?

We’ll turn you over to the textile expert of a company founded by a few young surfers on the English coast who sell merino wool.

The problem of washing wool in the washing machine, he says, is all down to the spin cycle. The wash cycle doesn't cause any problems. The spin cycle, on the other hand, risks ruining your slippers and any other wool pieces in your wardrobe. To prevent matting, don’t listen to people who tell you to put on a separate wool wash, using the specific program at a low temperature. In fact, the aim is to prevent the wool from repeatedly and violently hitting the walls of the washing machine, as much as possible. So, the best solution is to mix one or a few wool garments with other cotton or synthetic pieces. They protect your wool and you are more likely to get a good result. Set it at 30 degrees, select the wool cycle, use ecological laundry detergents and implement this extra trick.

Did you like this information? How many of you knew it already? You can also try this technique when washing your wool slippers and write to us letting us know how it went.

Download the mini-guide here: How to wash your slippers.

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