The virtuous circle of well-being: our slippers in RWS-certified

The wool used for our slippers in RWS-certified; an international standard that guarantees respectful animal welfare and environment practices.

Even today, very few people stop to think whether the production of wool destined for the clothing sector causes suffering to the sheep and goats that have given us their mantle.

Despite the fact that it is well known that some farmers do not respect the welfare and health of their animals. Mulesing, for example, is a very common technique used in Australia to prevent Merino sheep from contracting parasitic infections. It involves removing the tail and part of the perianal tissue, almost always without using any type of anaesthesia or sutures. Fortunately, this cruel practice is prohibited by law in many countries or is otherwise condemned by farming communities.

In reality, the concept of animal welfare not only concerns the physical health of the animals, but also their psychological health, and the opportunity to express - at least in part - their normal behaviours. The wool used for our slippers is RWS-certified (Responsible Wool Standard) and comes from New Zealand, a country in which the practice of mulesing is prohibited by law.

This environmental declaration is promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important international non-profit organisations that focuses on responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector and guarantees that the wool is sourced from farms that protect both animals and the environment. More specifically, this certification attests that the sheep and goats have been treated with respect to their five freedoms; standards that define farm animal welfare protection worldwide:

1. Freedom from hunger or thirst.
2. Freedom from discomfort.
3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease (including a ban on mulesing and violent shearing techniques).
4. Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour.
5. Freedom from fear and distress.

The Responsible Wool Standard also certifies that the farmers have observed the best practices regarding protecting the land and reducing the environmental impact, in addition to ensuring a robust chain of custody throughout the entire production process.

The choice to exclusively use RWS-certified wool for all Löwenweiss products is part of our environmental sustainability commitment and is in keeping with our ethical principles that first and foremost concern the protection of the animal world and nature.

For this reason, we like to declare that our slippers are the result of a “virtuous circle of well-being”, which starts with the animal and our surrounding environment, and ends with mankind to make the moments spent at home more comfortable and relaxing.

Written by: Roberto

The virtuous circle of well-being: our slippers in RWS-certified


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