The perfect nursery and primary school slipper shoes

What characteristics should kids’ slipper shoes possess in order to be suitable for nurseries and primary schools? When our children head off to school, their feet face various new challenges: cold or wet floors, sharp edges and slippery or unclean surfaces. Children are often required to keep their shoes on all day or wear non-slip socks inside the school building; either way, there are drawbacks to both.

Feet sweat and do not breathe in trainers, whilst socks do not adequately insulate feet from the floor and can get wet or cold; furthermore, they don’t provide any protection if your little one accidentally bumps into furniture or sharp edges. However, from a hygiene point of view, wearing shoes in both the playground and inside the building is most certainly not ideal!

For this reason, we have designed kids’ slipper shoes that offer maximum comfort and protection, both at home and at school.

The story of Muvy, the perfect slipper shoe for nurseries and primary schools

Three years ago, we were contacted by a school in the region of Veneto with a request to make a slipper shoe that would be included as part of their school uniform. We therefore set about making boiled wool slipper shoes and handed them over to the teachers. Unfortunately, only 3 months later, the school contacted us again to inform us that our slippers had become damaged and as a result, unusable.  By analysing the slipper shoes’ weak spots, we were able to determine that we needed to redesign them in order to make them more durable: children run and play all day long which puts a real strain on their footwear!

We therefore decided to create a brand-new model specifically for children with a reinforced toe box and heel. It was made of wool felt and subjected to a wash-resistant hardening treatment. Furthermore, the new footwear model had to meet 2 other fundamental criteria:

1. fit easily so that even the youngest pupils could independently put their shoes on.
2. have a wide insole to provide enough space for growing feet.

The use of exclusively natural materials - an essential element of all Löwenweiss products, would also guarantee perfect breathability and absorb any excess moisture inside the slipper shoe.

So this is how Muvy - the ideal slipper shoe for young boys and girls to use at home or at nurseries and primary schools - came about: the sturdy felt and natural latex sole protects your little ones’ feet from the cold and damp, whilst the elastic strap allows them to be able to take the footwear on and off without an adult’s help. Muvy is available in a wide range of colours and will become the perfect partner in crime for your kids’ adventures!

Written by: Roberto

The perfect nursery and primary school slipper shoes


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