The benefits of wool baby booties

Baby booties must gently cocoon your baby’s feet in order to be kind to their delicate skin and protect it, even on the coldest of days.
Here at Löwenweiss, we have created Momy, a Tyrolean slipper-inspired pure boiled wool model, designed to accompany your baby from birth until they take their first steps. Our baby booties are exclusively made from natural materials for maximum comfort and to help prevent odours and bacteria from forming. The soft fabric and vanilla-scented sole will envelope and cocoon your baby’s feet like a warm embrace.

The benefits of wool baby booties

For the first few months, newborn babies’ feet are only partially developed so it is important for them to not wear shoes wherever possible or use soft models that do not hinder growth. This is what led us to design a comfort-fit bootie for baby’s first steps, which provides all the space needed for baby’s feet to grow. The flexible, non-slip sole in felt and natural latex will support your baby’s feet when they start to crawl and walk, whilst providing greater stability. Furthermore, the wool tie allows you to secure the bootie around the ankle to prevent the foot from accidentally slipping out!
The warm fabric has been designed to protect baby's feet from the cold, whilst also allowing their skin to breathe. The wool boasts natural heat-regulating properties and as a result, provides optimal heat insulation during both winter and summer, whilst also absorbing any excess moisture.
We use high-quality boiled wool for our baby booties which is obtained via a felting process; this results in increased compactness and thickness and makes the material even warmer and more resistant. We wanted to recreate that feeling of warmth and sweetness from a mother or father’s embrace!

Baby booties: an original yet practical gift idea

Our booties for baby boys or girls are a useful, original gift that is appreciated by parents and babies alike. Thanks to their elegant design and attention to detail, they are also an excellent alternative to the classic Christening shoes for newborns: Momy is available in 7 colours so you can easily pair it with the most elegant onesies or baby dresses. When your baby starts to outgrow this model, replace it with Muvy; ultra-resistant wool felt slipper shoes that are perfect for home or school use.

Written by: Roberto

The benefits of wool baby booties


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