The beauty of simplicity

When designing a new slipper model, we always ask ourselves the following: how can we make it more beautiful and comfortable? You might think that these two characteristics are direct opposites: in fact, as far as footwear is concerned, it is a common misconception that a comfortable model cannot be elegant and vice versa.

Yet, we at Löwenweiss are convinced that it is possible to take the road less travelled, where quality materials and clean shapes meet to offer the perfect balance between design and comfort. According to our philosophy, aesthetics cannot take precedence over the well-being of the body and spirit, most especially in the comfort of one’s own home.

All our footwear models are pared-down to promote the help the wearer relax and enjoy the beauty of the simple things in life, such as a family meal or catch up with friends. These are shared moments during which we celebrate the importance of the bonds established between the people we care most about in this world.

For this reason, the ancient Greeks’ idea of beauty, i.e. three components - symmetry, proportion and harmony - in everything seen and felt, is something we also hold dear. In reality, the concept of kalòs was much broader and extended into human ethics: those that are beautiful, must also be good (agathòs), that is brave, noble and well-mannered.  Hence the term kalokagathia was born; a word that distinctly expressed a person’s behaviour, in which their physical grace was considered direct evidence of moral perfection.

Our production ethics try to attain this ideal par excellence, by choosing to rely on master artisans instead of mass production, selecting high-quality, eco-sustainable natural materials, and focusing on building person-to-person relationships with our customers, suppliers and retailers.

This philosophy sometimes leads us to go against the grain, prompting decisions that sometimes contradict the profit motive. However, we take pride in these choices as they are consistent with our values.

Written by: Roberto

The beauty of simplicity


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