How our scented slippers are made

A freshly baked cake, laid table or comfy sofa where you can sip a hot cuppa with your nose in a good book: our vanilla-scented slippers perfectly evoke the warmth of home and family love. Their sweet and enveloping aroma is reminiscent of those invaluable relaxing moments shared with loved ones, the intensity of a sincere embrace, spontaneous laughter and children’s games.

How we came to choose the scent for our slippers

Vanilla is derived from orchids native to the forests of Mexico. Today, however, the plant is now grown in most tropical countries worldwide in order to produce the spice derived from its fruits, i.e. the pods. Vanilla is used in the food industry as an ingredient found in desserts and beverages. It is also used in aromatherapy for its beneficial effects on the nervous system: its essence is used to help combat insomnia, depression and emotional eating.

In addition to having soothing and calming properties, it also promotes happiness and a good mood. According to the principles of aromatherapy, vanilla stimulates the production of oxytocin, i.e. the “love hormone” released when mothers are breastfeeding to help mother and baby establish a unique, eternal bond.  It is for this reason that we chose to scent our products with vanilla: we wanted to capture an aroma that evokes the sweetness of motherly and family love, in addition to promoting well-being and relaxation.

How our scented slippers are made

Our slippers are scented with a natural vanilla essential oil in order to optimally harness all the aromatherapeutic properties and olfactory intensity of this plant. This choice was in no way influenced by the cost; in fact, natural essence is much more expensive than synthetic essence. Our choice does, however, perfectly tie in with the Löwenweiss philosophy: to always choose natural products over synthetic ones.

When creating the latex mixture to produce the soles of our footwear, we add a few drops of essential oil and then dip our slippers, one by one, into this mixture. They are then left to dry for a few days at room temperature. Due to this artisan manufacturing process, the vanilla scent does not fade when the slippers are hand or machine-washed but is instead restored for a long-lasting fragrance.

Scented slippers that pamper your feet and awaken the senses

As you may have gathered by now, we were not satisfied with just creating comfortable, quiet and soft-touch footwear made from high-quality materials. No, we wanted to offer that little extra something by spoiling your sense of smell and also stimulating your taste with a pleasant, unmistakeable aroma. For this reason, our sweetly-scented slippers can quite literally be recognised by scent alone!

Written by: Roberto

How our scented slippers are made


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