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Green innovation at Löwenweiss | Löwenweiss

Over the last two years, we have embarked on a process of innovation that has allowed us to make our slippers more eco-sustainable and hard-wearing.

Some time ago, we told you about our commitment to environmental sustainability and how we’ve succeeded in reducing the environmental impact of our production chain.
The decision to replace pure new wool felt with recycled felt, produced using fibres extracted from used clothing, has allowed us to drastically reduce our consumption of electrical energy and water, as well as CO2 emissions. At the same time, we have perfected our production process, with a view to making our slippers even softer and more durable, without any increase in the amount of raw materials used.

All this is the result of a process of innovation that has completely turned around our business model over the last two years. This ambitious project has required hard work, dedication and a significant financial investment, but it has brought a wide range of benefits from an environmental perspective.

It has allowed for a 300% increase in the use of recycled material in our products and in our packaging, which is made entirely from FSC® cardboard and recycled paper. The use of regenerated wool has allowed for a decrease in textile waste and the consumption of chemicals normally used in the production of pure new wool felt. In addition, our new processing method has doubled the average duration of our slippers.

This is how we have come to produce home footwear made entirely from high-quality, partially recycled natural materials, studied to enhance the well-being of the wearer. Wool, latex, cork, rubber and a drop of natural vanilla essence: these are the unique “ingredients” used by our craftsmen to make the perfect slipper.

This move towards a more ethical, environmentally sustainable model would not have been possible without the support of our network of suppliers. Their collaboration has allowed us to perfect our production techniques, improving the durability and softness of the wool felt. In addition, the direct contact with customers and the feedback they provided has helped us choose the right strategies to adopt with a view to improving our services and our end product.

The two awards received by our project, from the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno and the regional forum Compraverde BuyGreen respectively, provide important confirmation of the work carried out this far, as well as an incentive to carry on down this road. We are proud of the results achieved so far, and determined to make our slippers even more comfortable and eco-friendly.

Written by: Roberto

Green innovation at Löwenweiss | Löwenweiss


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