Slippers in the office: a viable option?

One of the more pleasant aspects of smart working is being able to wear slippers and comfortable clothes, able to face the day with a more relaxed attitude. This “privilege” is almost exclusively reserved for business employees who work from home or craftspeople and the self-employed with an office or workspace inside their own home. Those who work in an office or coworking space are used to keeping their shoes on the whole day, with some exceptions in the summer when sandals and slip-on shoes are allowed by a number of companies (but only for female staff).

What would happen if everyone, in compliance with workplace safety rules, could wear slippers in the office? Surely people would feel more relaxed and at ease, but would the company image be put at risk by an excessively informal and “domestic” dress style? In this article we have tried to describe a possible scenario.

Increased well-being, higher productivity

Being able to work comfortably, with our feet not restricted by shoes, undoubtedly has an impact on our mood and sense of well-being. If we feel comfortable in our footwear, we can better focus on the activities we’re working on and be more productive.  A calm, relaxed state of mind also favours creativity and collaboration, with positive effects on the company environment, efficiency and innovation.

Dry feet, clean spaces

When it’s raining outside, or even snowing, leaving wet shoes at the entrance and wearing slippers not only ensures that our feet remain dry, but also maintains correct body temperature. Moreover, another significant aspect, especially when it comes to companies with a large number of employees, is that slippers contribute to keeping office floors clean.

Suit, tie and slippers

Some companies and specific professions require a formal dress code, which appears a priori to exclude the chance to wear slippers during working hours. But who said that footwear worn at home cannot be as elegant as a pair of shoes?

Obviously we’re not thinking of flip flops or open slippers, but closed slippers, sober and chic in style. A passepartout item that can be combined - depending on work schedules - with either a casual look or more formal outfits. Ideal office footwear is light and silent: reducing the noise of footsteps helps create a space that encourages calm and concentration.

A tool for creating brand identity

Companies that would like to give their employees the opportunity to wear slippers should choose the same model for all staff. In this way they can select a product and brand in line with their business identity, in a way that fits with the ethical values behind their activities.

Even if working in slippers is still a “luxury” reserved for just a few, we cannot rule out that, in future, businesses that care about the well-being of their employees may include this option as part of their company dress code.

Written by: Roberto

Slippers in the office: a viable option?


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